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Paid Plugin (Node Server) not starting

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If you have a paid Node Server that is not starting, please do this:

  1. Make sure your PG3x version is 3.2.13 or newer
  2. Go to Plugins Store, find the Plugin not starting
  3. On the plugin page, click on Install (Make sure you choose the Standard edition, not the Free edition)
  4. Reinstall on the same slot as it was  installed.


Some Paid Plugins may have stopped working following a PG3x update. This can happen on Plugins that have multiple editions, such as a Free and a Standard edition. There has been a change in PG3x in a recent version which allows to own a license per edition. However, installations of plugins on versions prior to 3.2.13 did not properly record the edition it was installed with. This means that when PG3x is checking for a license, it could fail if it thinks that the Free edition is installed and the expiry of the Free trial is passed. 

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