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Tuya Paused

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 Tuya has been pulled from the Plugin Store.


I am the developer of Tuya Plugin(s) formally called a node server(s).

 Tuya has changed its conditions for their API.   
You're allowed 50 devices on your configured Tuya API for free if using Home Assistant or the Tuya phone apps provided like Tuya Smart. 

Commercial use is not allowed!  

I have no agreement with Tuya like all the other entities have.  
I cannot afford to have Tuya charge me for all of UDI's Tuya Plugins!

 I am an independent developer all i have made in total for all of my plugins is $119. Three years of work and now i cannot charge UDI customers for it because it is not allowed, "commercially".

Maybe in the future this will be opened up again however as a disabled person i will no longer be involved!  

Caution: If you currently have a Tuya plugin installed and you delete it, it will be gone forever.

I have several other free Plugins i am working on. Contemporary Controls BASpi, Land Rover and Rheem tankless gas water heaters.  
Tuya is like Enphase Solar and Enphase wanted $280 a month? I haven't made $280 in total yet.

Yes i agree Tuya API should be paid for providing a service.
If I cannot be paid i have no incentive to write code for anyone for free.

10% of nothing is Nothing,  

 Making a better product is one thing however not being rewarded for doing so is not what i have ever done.
 If you provide a service you should be paid!
However if it is someone else's service you window into then you really have no rights, MIT license or not. Only if you pay additionally for the API the Plugin windows into.

I strongly believe in UDI's presence in the home automation world and enjoy the code development i have learned on my own here. As a retired disabled person who has additional anxiety issues due to past injuries, i want to enjoy my short time left.

Take care,

The Best to You All!


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