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Restore PLM or No?

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I am migrating to my new eisy today. I am following the migration instructions. I did step 5 and restored from the ISY994i I just did before I started this process.  The restore went fine.  I'm skipping step 6 because I am not migrating Z-Wave. Step 7 has 2 parts.  INSTEON Support is checked on in the Configuration tab.  My question hits at the 2nd bullet of step 7.  "If you are using a new PLM, RESTORE the PLM". But am I not using a new PLM. I am using the PLM that was working fine with my old ISY box.  Do I still do this restore?  Non of my INSTEON devices that all came over in the backup restore can be affected, i.e turned on or off.  What step am I missing?  Thanks for your patient support.  I know you must get this a lot.    

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