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EISY & 2844-222 Motion Sensor


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I recently installed one of these (albeit on an ISY 994i 5.3.4) and only changed a few of the parameters.  Looking at the options on mine now, this is what they show:

  • Program Lock: not checked
  • LED, Key Beep, Send Cleanup Messages and Send Cleanup Errors:  all checked
  • LED Brightness:  0
  • Off Button Timeout:  I changed this to 300 minutes, but I think the default was around 1545 if I remember correctly.  I believe that this is how long the detector waits to turn motion back on if you manually turn if off with the button on top of the unit.


  • Nodes:  One
  • Condition:  Always
  • Report:  On & Off
  • Sensitivity:  I changed this to 255, but I think it started at around 35.  It doesn't actually seem to make a difference what it is as far as I can tell.
  • Timeout:  120 Seconds


  • Polling Interval:  15420
  • Hysteresis:  5
  • Day Threshold:  80 (31%)
  • Night Threshold:  64 (25%)


  • Not Hot:  74.4 F (69.0 F battery)
  • Hot:  86.1 F (80.5 F battery)


  • Not Cold:  67.1 F (61.8 F battery)
  • Cold:  69.3 F (64.0 F battery)


  • Nodes:  None
  • Low Threshold:  133

Misc. Nodes

  • Motion Enabled:  One
  • Tamper:  One

I don't think it makes a difference, but my motion detector is not on battery as I power it with a 5V USB power supply.

I only have experience with the one, but my motion detector seems to be a bit flaky.  The sensitivity varies significantly from one day to another.  Also, I have a program that when I turn on the garage lights from the switch, it sets the Motion Enabled node to off, and when I turn the lights off again, it sets the Motion Enabled node back to on.  This is just to keep the motion light from going on and off while I am working in the garage.  However, I have noticed that it takes quite awhile, maybe 5-10 minutes, before the motion detector will again function to turn on and off its light after I have toggled the enabled mode.

Hope this helps.

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