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Moving PG3 & Plugin Notifications to pushover


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I'm setting up notifications in pushover, and I want all notifications to go there and not UDM. For my own notifications, I know what to do. For PG3 and plugin notifications, I see both places in pg3 to uncheck pg3 and plugin notifications from going to udM, and remove the UDM node. Halfway there

I want is to have pg3 and plugin notifications go to a pushover "app" I've set up for UD messages.

  1. When I look at program options for "if", I see how to check the notification service



For my remaining plugins, like ecobee, I create a message for each one, like below



Question: UDM notifications appeared to "bundle" any/all iox, pg3, system and plugin notifications, I saw them come there... is there any iox/pg3/system messaging I'm missing doing it the above way, provided that I correctly write a handler for each of my plugins like above?

any special handler need for iox/pg3/system errors/messages, if so how to write the if?


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