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PG3x version 3.2.17 - OUTDATED


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Hello everyone,

Here's the latest PG3x release.

Release notes for: 3.2.17 - 12/19/2023

  • Allow to remove a node server even if the store entry no longer exists.
  • When auto-logout, add a message in the UI.
  • Add a rate limit on MQTT inbound messages from plugins & UI.
  • Fix addnode for cases where the ISY request fails with an http error.
  • When viewing a plugin, hide the readme and changelog if they are null.
  • When new version is available, have the update button appear. Previously a restart of the node server was required.
  • Make PG3 logLevel persistant
  • Fix setController on first startup. Previously, setController will fail if addnode is not finished.
  • Fix store edit UI (We could get a JS error due to accessing an incorrect field).
  • Minor bug fixes and logging enhancements
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