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Restore PLM Failure During ISY to EISY Migration


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After years of flawless ISY 994 operation I decided to take the plunge and migrate to EISY. I have an extensive Insteon network along with a few Zwave devices I was experimenting with during Insteon's hiatus. Since I had an elderly serial PLM with the ISY, I opted to get a new USB PLM to use with the EISY rather than use an adapter cable. According to the migration instructions that required running a Restore PLM command which I did, Unfortunately, that resulted in an endless loop--the System Busy progress bar repeatedly got to 100% and then started over. At one point I tried rebooting the EISY to stop the process, did a manual factory reset on the PLM, and once again initiated the PLM Restore with the same result. In fact, it is still going as I write this after a couple of hours, endlessly running through the progress bar and immediately starting over. If anyone has any thoughts on this I would love to hear them. Thanks! 

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You should probably factory reset your EISY, and the USB PLM, then do a EISY firmware update brfore migrating.

What is the firmware version on your ISY. Do you have the 300 or the 500 series Zwave board on the ISY?

Be sure to do both a an ISY and a Zwave backup before migrating, and exactly follow the migration instructions. 

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It's worth noting that restoring to a new PLM, using Restore PLM, it will take a while. The address of the old PLM is still in every device on your Insteon network, and needs to be replaced.... one a time.

If you have battery devices like motion or door sensors, they have to be put in manual linking mode, you have to be ready for that. There's an icon on the admin console that I believe skips battery devices, so you can do all the non battery ones first, and then turn it on afterwards and deal just with battery devices. Its at the very end of the row of icons.


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Thank you Techman and paulbates for your suggestions. I finally got everything working properly. It seems with the first attempt the new 2413u PLM was DOA out of the box. Fortunately I had purchased two of them when Insteon came back from the dead, so I started the process over with the second new PLM which was definitely not DOA but I still had an endless loop of repeating  "System Busy" progress bars with no success in restoring the PLM. The Tools-Diagnostic-PLM Status menu was still showing the PLM as "not connected". So I started over a third time. This time I first factory reset both the PLM and the EISY. Without connecting the PLM, I powered up the EISY and ran Upgrade Packages again, just to be sure. Then I shut down the EISY. Then I first powered up the PLM and connected it to the EISY and only then powered up the EISY in hopes that it would finally detect the PLM, before running the IoX Restore routine. At first the "clean"  EISY did not detect the PLM--still showed as "not connected" in the diagnostic. But with nothing to lose, I went ahead and ran  IoX Restore and when it was completed, the EISY did, finally, see the PLM. Most of my Insteon devices were immediately operable but several were not (e.g. numerous RemoteLincs and a few garden variety SwitchLincs). So finally I had to run Restore Devices and then one-by-one put the RemoteLincs into manual linking mode--somewhat tedious! I did find one IOLinc in my garage now to be dead, but after 10+ years of faithful service I can't complain about that, and fortunately they are once more available at Insteon. Going into all of this, my biggest fear was that my Zwave devices (15 of them) would not migrate and I would have to reset each of them individually, but they all migrated without problems. Whew.

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Glad to hear it. I had a couple bumps getting a new eisy and new Insteon PLM going at my new-to-me house.. similar story that the PLM initially appeared to be dead.. but wasn't.  And I'm really happy with the news system and the addition of UDM... I do all my new Insteon device adds and scene additions using it


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