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Deleting scenes from the Alexa app

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When you expose an ISY scene/program/variable as an Alexa scene, you can control them through Alexa by voice, but they are not visible in the Alexa app anywhere. Normally, you can change the Alexa category to expose them as a regular Alexa device instead. However, if for some reason you have deleted your mapping, and the scene stayed in Alexa, then there is no easy way to remove it.

But here's the trick: You can add the scene to an Alexa group, then delete it from there.

Here's how:

  1. Open the Alexa App.
  2. Select Devices, then click +, then Add Group, then Create a room or device group,  give it a name.
  3. When adding devices to the group, scroll all the way down and add these extra Scenes to the Group and save.
  4. Now go back to Devices, and under Groups, click the group you created.  When looking at the group, under SCENES, you should see the scene you added.
  5. Click on your scene, then you can click the trash can.

This works at the time of this writing. Please note that Amazon updates their App frequently, so the instructions may be slightly different over time.

Credits for this trick goes to @lgilsenberg 

Original post by @lgilsenberg here: https://forum.universal-devices.com/topic/42569-can-no-longer-delete-old-scenes-within-alexa/?do=findComment&comment=377233


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