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IoX Release v5.8.4 Is Now Available

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Hello all,

This release contains minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Important Note:

Please do not unplug your unit from power. 


1. Backup your unit.
2. Please click on the using the Upgrade Packages button in the Configuration section of the Admin Console. 


 - Insteon I3 Paddle and I3 Keypad buttons default links
 - Show Unix Time status values as Timestamps
 - Faster IoX Backup
 - Some characters not displayed correctly in Admin Console

For Developers:

 - Allow node servers to define their own status names in nodedefs
 - Fill in device type field for Zigbee (so a UI can properly identify devices)
 - Query Zigbee devices after they are added
 - added <rpnode> to Zigbee nodes
 - added <NodePropertyHistory> to system options
 - Initial support for posting events to MQTT
 - Fix ISO8601 Timestamps for node property history and events

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