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Need to understand "REBOOT"


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What exactly does the "run @ reboot" do. I assume that it will run that particular program, but what part of the program? I have a simple "almost" everything program which turns all lights off every 15 minutes. I have it set to "run @ reboot". Here is the program. What happens, should the power go out, ISY, dies, then the power comes back up? Keep in mind that nobody knows what happens to a KPL if the power goes ou and then on. I've seen both ways!




Status KPL1 is OFF

OR Status KPL2 is OFF

OR Status APL1 is OFF


Then Repeat Every 15 minutes


Set Scene "ALL OFF" Off






What I want/need is a program which does the above. Also, if, and it will, the power goes out. Then ISY comes up , and runs the "ALL OFF" program. I have included the (3) items to show status, KPL 1 & 2, and an APL which all three are inclusive in a scene. If any of the three are "OFF" , then I assume the program will run. But as important or more so, if the power goes out and back on, I need to "run @ reboot" the program so as to make sure the lights stay out.


I have had (prior to ISY) many errant Insteon turn ons that in one case had 30+ lights on for days. $$$$$...


If anyone has a better or more fail-safe idea, please post.





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What exactly does the "run @ reboot" do.

Good question, aLf. I've wondered if this could be used by a program to automatically power off the old version Togglelinc Relays which power up in the on state after a power interruption.

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Is there a "refresh" command in the ISY that let's you set a module to whatever state the database says it should currently be at? That way you could send a refresh command to your most critical devices after a reboot to ensure everything returns to where it was after the power failure (or where it should be at the time of the reboot if the power failure was extended and scheduled events were missed).

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I was reading this thread with considerable interest while thinking this is the solution to my togglelinc relays which default on after a power failure.


However, while working on a different problem yesterday with the ISY, I unpluged it and then pluged it back in causing a reboot. This was at 4 in the afternoon.


I have a "morning open the drapes" program tht runs shortly after sunrise on one drape and then following an hour wait, opens the second drape.


The reboot caused that "sunrise" program to fireoff in the late afternoon. At reboot, does it think it is sunrise? Does this mean that the ISY fires off all programs following a reboot until it chatches up with the clock?


Enquiring minds would like to know :lol:

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