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I think most folks who have used X-10 software are familiar with the 16X16 status grid that is so commonly incorporated to give a single page view of the status of all 256 X-10 addresses. I was wondering if there is a similiar view in the ISY for all Insteon groups and devices with loads? (no value in including controlincs)


It would be very handy to keep a page up that gives a graphical depiction of each device and group's status... especially if I can click on a square to toggle the device on and off.


If this is not available, would it be practical for me to map each device and group to an X-10 address? That way I could use an X-10 controller to monitor and control everything in real time. (As opposed to a list type view where you can't see the whole picture without scrolling).


Bear in mind that I have not seen the interface beyond what is shown in the wiki examples so I don't know what views are available.

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Hey Mike -


There is a page (My Lighting) that lists all devices, their status, their address, and the address type. It's not a graphical representation, but a list.


There isn't a page to show the status of a scene, because the ISY-26 doesn't track the status of a scene. Though, you can create a program to do that.

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Hey Mike.


Bigger monitor? ;)


The ISY has a "Floor Plan" feature which lets you create graphical "locations" and drag/drop your lights into it. This might help, but if I remember correctly Michel said they would be dropping that function in a future release because no one was using it.


I was actually surprised to see it in the latest firmware, but it is still there. Maybe that function would help you.


In the ISY-26, scenes = groups. You can turn a scene on or off, but the ISY-26 does not keep its current status. Some people create programs to keep it's status (eg. if light1=on & light2=on then the program is true).

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Upstatemike, the Insteon devices at least have the Main page tab to keep all the devices and their status listed. The X10 devices have nothing similar.


I have "programlets" for each X10 device address to track its state and give it a name. It would be nice to have a tab like the Main page, but just to organize all the X10 state programlets. It would keep them separate from the real programs and keep the Program Summary screen from being filled up.


As it is now, I start the name of each X10 programlet with "* " so I can use the sort by name to bring them all to the top when I want to check the status of X10 devices, but that is a kludge compared to a dedicated X10 tab.



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