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There's a thread started on the SmartHome forum about Insteon to IR. I'd really like to see that. I'm wondering, aside from the obvious addition of an IR emitter, how difficult it would be to add this to the 99.

I would think it would just be a single command thing, just be able to send any of the commands the 99 has learned. If you want to turn on the TV at a certain time to a certain channel, just learn those commands from the remote and put them into a program that sends them via the IR emitter.

I know it would be nice to have a true Insteon to IR, but that would probably be a lot more difficult to implement. This would be more like the X10 implementation.

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I'm sure it cannot at this point. So it would require the addition of hardware to generate IR codes and the emitter. I just don't know how involved that is, given the state of completion the 99 is now.

Probably a good idea for the 119 or should it be the 172?

In addition to, or maybe in lieu of an emitter, I think an IR output that could be connected into a repeater system would be great, hek, it's what I want! Or, make the outputs switchable ie: A, B or A+B

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