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Programatically Changing On Levels


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The light in our master bathroom is on a ToggleLinc Dimmer (2466DW). During the day, I want the On Level to be 65%. At night, I'd like the On Level to be 35%. Is there a way to programatically change the On Level on a particular device? I would probably use sunrise and sunset as conditions and just change the On Level. I just couldn't find an option for it.



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Sure. Define an ISY Scene with the ToggleLinc as a Controller. Use the Program Adjust Scene statement, selecting the ToggleLinc switch for both the In Scene and Set parameters. This combination changes the Local On Level (or Local Ramp Rate) of the ToggleLinc.


       From    Sunset 
       To      Sunrise (next day)

       In Scene 'ICON Dimmer 1' Set 'ICON Dimmer 1' 35% (On Level)

       In Scene 'ICON Dimmer 1' Set 'ICON Dimmer 1' 65% (On Level)

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