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Am I REALLY missing the boat here ??

Guest PLC_Guy

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Hi Gents


Bear with me...while I do program "lots of other stuff", I've only been using this gear for a few weeks....


Long story short I am controlling heat pump units thru logic and IR commands. Anyways due to the way my logic is structured, I need to assign data from my Insteon T'Stat (Venstar T1700 w integrated adapter) to a couple of integer variables called (say) thermostat_set-point and current_room_temperature.


I don't see a method which allows me to write:

thermostat_set-point = "current set-point in thermostat"


current_room_temperature = "current temperature reading in thermostat"


Instead I seem to be forced to this method:


If Status - Main Level Thermostat is 72 (Temperature)

Then current_room_temperature = 72


If Status - Main Level Thermostat is 73 (Temperature)

Then current_room_temperature = 73


etc etc etc using 15 "programs" to "assign" the temperature value to my variable


Am I missing something here? While 15 programs doesn't seem like a lot, it sure adds up after a while (and it seems a little clunky). I've chewed up 55+ programs with this approach just getting room temperature, heating set-point and cooling set-point into 3 integer variables.

By the time I get both units working...I'll be dangerously close to "300"








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Don't think anything is being missed. Perhaps a different approach though. Does the actual temperature spread need to cover 15 degrees? Maybe a few actual degrees, then just knowing it is > X or < Y would allow the same function but with far less possible discrete values.

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Thanks for your answer....I guess I could afford to narrow my operating band to 10 deg or so, saving some program space. I tried a greater/less than approach but ultimately decided I needed something a little more sophisticated...knowing how far away from my setpoint I am in order to call for an appropriate temperature setting on the heat pump.


Anyways...I guess I wasn't "missing anything".



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