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I have successfully set up so I can receive a text alert to my phone. Not sure how to actually get one sent. I would like to receive a text if the garage door is left open longer than 10 minutes.


Thanks for any help in advance!


Here is mine:


       Status  'Garage / Garage Door IOLinks / GD- Dad Garage Door O-C' is On

       Wait  10 minutes 
       Send Notification to 'Bill Cell' content 'Dad Garage Door Opened'

  - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')


Hope this helps.



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Thanks. I tried what you did but under content it would not let me type anything. It just stayed default?


You will need to create a custom notification. In the admin console, go to: Configuration Tab, Email/Notifications sub tab, Customizations sub sub tab. Create a custom entry here - Save it - then go back and select it for use in your program.



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