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Query On Scene ?


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I think I have isolated a prob..


I leave a light on to distinguish if I am home or not.. plugon - Away more .. Set plugOff.. Im in the house..


I found that when I am away from home.. (plug ON) .. the Query Scene at 0300am turns the light Plug off .. Is this an expected result of a Query All Scene ?


any harm in disabling this Scene ?


Alternativly I can reverse the Plug command..


thanks !

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I don't believe there is "harm" from disabling the query program. I have always assumed it is there just to provide re-align ISY status with actual device, reducing the risk of a mismatch.


I have never understood why running a query would change the status of a device. Perhaps the query triggers a program?

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A Query command by itself never changes the actual device status. If there are communications problems such that the ISY is not in sync with the actual status of the device, a Query can change the ISY Status (Current State) which will trigger Programs based on that Status.


Also devices such as the I/O Linc Sensor have a Trigger Reverse option which reverses the commands issued by the I/O Linc Sensor. Sensor On sends an Off command, etc. A Query of the I/O Linc will return the actual Status of the Sensor, not the Trigger Reversed commands. Thus, when the I/O Linc is Queried the I/O Linc Sensor Status will change when Trigger Reverse is used.

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Thanks for the responses


So to test.. I set the device to on.. Ran the "then" on the device query.. And sets the Device to off..


I'm a newbie..so..

Lee..or anyone.. How do we resync the I/ O devices ?





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What type of device is it?


How are you turning it On? Through the ISY Admin Console or manually at the device? If at the device does the Admin Console show it as being On when turned On manually.


Are programs triggered when the device is On?

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It's a http://www.aartech.ca/2472dwh-smarthome ... white.html


I set it on to be the flag for when I'm away.. When on..it triggers at sunset my away light scene.. When off.. At sunset it triggers my in house scene


I set it off via Ek app or via admin...


So couple Scenes are triggered via status of this condition


Sunset scene

Lights out Scene..(all lights off except the plug.. Remain on to identify away status)


I've tested the scenes.. Seems the one that turns the plug off is the Query Scene at 0300am ..hummmm



Thx !!



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I don't think a Query command is turning the OutletLinc Off. It may be physically Off, the ISY Current State shows On because of a communications problem or something the security system is doing the ISY is not aware of, so the status returned by the Query changes the Current State information to Off but a Query command does not change the physical state of the OutletLinc.

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Some things that can be looked at.


Check the Status LED on the OutletLinc before running the Query Scene. Does the Status LED on the OutletLinc change? If it does it cannot be the Query command itself. With the entire Insteon device list being queried by that Scene some device Current State is changing (not the device itself) which is driving a Program to produce the results. All the Programs can be Disabled but I would expect you know the Programs that can affect the OutletLinc. If the security system is affecting the OutletLinc I don’t know how to shut that off for diagnostic purposes.

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here is something odd..


I went to see the LED status.. the PLUG was set to Off from the day before..

When I went to see it.. the Red LED was on solid.. then I turned on the Plug.. I did hear a little click.. and the light went RED flashing.. the plug showed on via the ISY.. but LED was flashing.. on both turning on or off.. a constant Red LED flash..


not sure if that is the norm ?


I also cloned the ISY QUERY scene.. but pointed it to a new scene( list of devices without that PLUG).. all went fine last night.. no anomolies..and the PLUG in question was no longer affect due to not being queried ..

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A flashing LED normally indicates the OutletLinc Dimmer Key is not in place. Issuing a Query to an OutletLinc Dimmer without the Key in place does return a status of Off as the OutletLinc Dimmer should not be On without the Key in place.


Do you actually have a load plugged into the OutletLinc?

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Interesting..this could be my ISY Query bug ?..no dimmer key on device..No load either. I figure we could have an option of using the plug w/o a dimmer key ?


Is there a way to identify the device as a hard on or off device .. No dimming !


Thx ...

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That is a hardware design question that would have to be addressed with SmartLabs. An application (ISY in this case) cannot override the safety feature built into the OutletLinc Dimmer. The key is designed to prevent accidently plugging in a non-dimmable load into the OutletLinc Dimmer. I believe it is against the electrical code to have a dimmer driving an outlet because of the danger inherent in plugging in a vacuum cleaner, etc into a dimmable circuit.


Two alternatives come to mind. Use an OutletLinc Relay which does not require a special Key. Since there is no load involved use an ISY variable to act as a Home/Away indicator.


Yes, that is the Query result you are seeing. The OutletLinc Dimmer cannot be physically turned On without the Key in place. Anytime the device is queried it returns its actual state which will always be Off without the Key.

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