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Not sure what to do... (youtube video)


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I ordered my ISY to use with lots of Switchlincs but I can't find any that match. Here is my story...


I recently ordered Switchlincs from Amazon and they did not match my cooper wallplates. So I went to HD and Lowes to find wallplates that did match...non of them did. :x I returned the Switchlincs to Amazon and ordered a white Switchlinc 2476S directly from Smarthome along with a white wallplate in every name brand Smarthome sells. When they arrived I was real disappointed...the Switchlinc did not match any of the wallplates from Smarthome. :cry:


I have made a youtube video demonstrating this because I knew nobody would believe me. The white Switchlinc is snoooow white and the white wall plate is really an off-white or cream color. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4YSsz8tGuk&feature=youtu.be


If I can't find Insteon Switchlincs that match my wallplates (or any wallplates) I may end up returning my ISY. This is a bummer since I have invested lots of time into this home automation stuff. :cry:


I just thought I would post this here to see if anyone has had this same issue or experiences like this. So far the ISY device and customer service has been nothing short of outstanding!!!


Thanks in advance for the help on this! You guys are great! 8)

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I replied to your Smarthome Post but users here may also have found that the new White Paddles don't match anything.

This post has some information in it.

Smarthome is aware of the odd white paddles and is working on a fix.



Now will the latest White match a few years old White. Only time and users finding may tell.

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Thanks! Not only does the paddle not match but neither does the surrounding white border.


Hopefully my threads will save someone else the trouble that I have gone through. I have had 3 different orders and will have to return them all. Several trips to the post office and lots of time on the phone.


BTW, I have not yet heard from SM admitting to the error so no telling how long this will take to straighten out.

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I have been using Insteon since 2005.

Most times I have had no issues with Smarthome-Smartlabs but sometimes they like to play ostrich; stick their heads in the sand and admit nothing. :wink:


I know I asked in the Smarthome forums, but I will ask here also.

Was it Smarthome Customer Service or Insteon Gold Line Customer Service you have talked to?

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