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INSTEON Thermostat Item# 2441TH

C Martin

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Does anyone have any feedback on these INSTEON Thermostat Item# 2441TH Thermostats?

I have heard both positive and negative reviews on them.

The really bad thing that I heard is that they are not accurate because of the placement of the triac and the effects that this component has on the thermistor .

So, any input would be greatly appreciated.

I now use the Venstar version supplied by Smart home.

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I loved the look of it, however it didn't work very well. I didn't believe the temperature it reported, the AC was either on for hours or would never come on. Also, there's still no ISY support for the different groups. I sent it back.


I did just read the review about the triac placement, interesting .. When the bugs are fixed I will buy one again, also the matching wireless thermostat.

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