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TriggerLinc bad?


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So I have a variety of SwitchLincs, LampLincs, AppLincs, etc. and never had any issues adding them to my ISY99ir. I just rcvd a TriggerLinc and can not for the life of me get it added to the ISY. I do have two access points #2443 that I purchased a few years ago with a Remote Linc starter kit, and 3 Dual band SwitchLincs, so I believe I have the RF net covered throughout the house. (and it's only a 5 bedroom house so we are not talking mansion here :) )


Any helpful troubleshooting hints? Does the PLM connected to the ISY need to be dual band?


ISY FW 3.2.6



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The PLM does not have to be Dual Band. The TriggerLinc does have to be within RF range of a Dual Band device. The TriggerLinc is normally asleep to save battery life so it is necessary to put it into linking mode by pressing the Set button for 3-5 seconds. The LED will blink continuous. Then use New INSTEON Device, selecting the Device Type as a TriggerLinc.


If that does not work move the TriggerLinc closer to one of the Dual Band devices. Also note that the TriggerLinc is likely an I2CS device which requires 3.2.6. The Motion Sensor has I2CS firmware for months so It is very likely the TriggerLinc does also.


EDIT: just relalized 3.2.6 was noted in the initial post. Run Help | About and verify the UI line indicates 3.2.6.

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