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2420M Delay / Speed


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Hi all...


My objectives: 1) fastest response time between MS activation and lights on, 2) control the way lights eventually turn off.


I'm trying to decrease the delay time between activation of a motion sensor and switching on a light. The equipment is standard stuff (ISY99i, 2420M and 2477D). I've noticed (and read here as well) a 1-2 second delay when using simple programs of the form:

"if control MS is on, then set scene fast on". I've tried directly linking the MS to the 2477D and the response time is near instantaneous, but in this configuration I believe that I'm limited to the internal countdown of the MS. True? I've also tried this with the MS both in the scene and outside the scene. It seems that things move more quickly when the MS is in the scene. However, when the MS eventually sends and OFF signal, I'm unable to do things like "fade down". Instead I get fast off.



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Set the Motion Sensor options as follows:


Sensing Mode - checked

On Only Mode - unchecked

Night Mode - checked


Add the Motion Sensor - Sensor node to the Scene as Controller


This combination uses the Motion Sensor to turn the Scene On directly with no delay waiting for the Off Timeout value to elapse and no delay in invoking a Program. The Motion Sensor never sends an Off command so it is necessary to use a Program to send the Scene Off.


Trigger a Program with If Control 'xxxx- Sensor' is switched On


This Program will contain a Wait for as long as the Scene should stay On followed by a Set Scene Off. The Responder Ramp Rate can be set to whatever speed is desired.

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Thanks, LeeG. I followed your directions exactly and it works like a charm. The only other thing I added was to set the countdown timer on the MS to it's lowest setting (.5 mins). Even though it doesn't send an OFF command, I wanted to be certain that it "resets" or whatever it does during that .5 mins so that it's ready to sense any new motion. Additionally, I made sure the WAIT in the program is greater than the MS countdown. I'm not certain if my changes actually matter...my testing was inconclusive. Thanks again! Now it's off to a few more challenging set ups...

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