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Installing a signalinc.


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Presently i have a KPL and an access point bridging the 2 120v legs of my service. If i install a signalinc, is there any lincing procedure to be done, or is it

completed with the installation of the signalinc. I can then use the access point in an area that may have limited ir capability.

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There are no linking changes associated with the install of a SignaLinc. It is a passive coupler without an Insteon address. Even installing additional Access Points requires no linking changes. Access Points are not linked to any Insteon device.


Keep in mind that the SignaLinc is passive, no amplification when the Insteon signal is coupled to the other 120V leg. I prefer a pair of Access Points dedicated to coupling. If additional RF coverage is needed than additional Access Points can be used to provide that expanded coverage.

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Thanks. If i need better rf coverage, i'll get another access point. At this point i think i'll be ok with the KPL, access point, and the dual band outletlincs and switchlincs.

It's not a large house, and i'm trying to spread things out for max. coverage. I did have a problem with erratic operation of some devices, but that seems to have cleared up with a couple of more filterlincs.

Ups's were the culprits in my setup. All four now have filters. I should have put a whole house surge protector, and maybe in the future that will be more cost effective than replacing ups batteries.

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