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Hung up on Wait


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I wanted to set a delay between two HVAC units starting up, so I added a wait command in the program.



Elk Output 'RTZ' is On



Set 'HVAC / Downstairs / Downstairs' 79° (Cool Setpoint)

Wait 30 seconds

Set 'HVAC / Upstairs / Upstairs' 79° (Cool Setpoint)

Send Notification to '**' content 'RTZ Confirmation'

Set Elk Output 'RTZ' Off



- No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')


Everything beyond the wait statement never fires.


I've read that a wait allows the IF to be re-evaluated, but I don't understand why this stops.

It never gets to the flag reset, so shouldn't it read true and continue the rest of the way through?


Without that line, the program runs as expected.

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When statements after the Wait do not execute the condition the If is checking has changed before the Wait has expired. Perhaps the ELK Output is momentary. It turns On which triggers the Program but then turns Off. For sure the If condition has changed for some reason before the Wait expired.

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