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Troubleshooting controller in a scene that no longer works


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Up till a couple of weeks ago my scene worked fine. It's a simple scene with an Icon Relay switch v.39 and a Dual Band KeypadLinc Relay v.40 both acting as both controllers/responders for a typical 3 way switch.


*The problem is that hitting the keypadlinc no longer turns on the light.

*I have other keypadlinc buttons on the same keypad that can still turn on/off the lights for another switch that are in a 3-gang box so I don't think there is a communication problem.

*If I toggle the scene the current states flip on and off, and the keypadlinc button turns on and off but the relay switch does not turn on the load nor show with its LED that the light is on.

*Deleting the scene and recreating it doesn't help.

*I can control the relay switch device via the ISY directly.


It seems that the device no longer acts properly as a controller. Anything else I can do?




Just in case this helps someone else with their issue I decided to write this part up and still post.


While writing this post I dug into the Diagnostics and became curious about the Restore Device option. I thought I recalled reading that restoring a device could have unwanted repercussions, but after some searching it seemed like the right choice. After a 30 second restore my scene was working again. I believe my 1 year old birthday boy who can now reach these switches did some reprogramming!

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