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  1. Thanks I think restarting the Plugin did the trick, I had already restarted the console multiple times.
  2. My Radio streams are appearing in the "Play" Dropdown within Admin Console multiple times. They have only been added once to the Stations key in PG3x. Is there a way to clean up the Admin Console list.
  3. Thanks to everyone who had suggestions. In the end this suggestion worked and now all the unmanaged nodes have disappeared.
  4. No delete button on the PG3x dashboard. I wish it was that easy. The nodeserver menu on my ISY99i has a list of blank entries, can’t delete them from there either.
  5. My Polisy has been out of action for Maybe 6 months so at a guess it was on version 2. Since it is dead it’s not possible for me to migrate from that version to a newer version. looking for a way to delete these unmanaged plugins from the PG3x dashboard some other way.
  6. My Polisy died on me after 3 years so I was forced to upgrade to eisy (10 year old ISY994i is still going strong). 90% of the insteon devices and the PLM appear to be working so that part of the migration I count as a success. The issue i'm having is that all of the legacy Polyglot plugins now show "unmanaged". I tried to "reinstall all plugins" from the menu but I get the error that they need to be manually re-installed but I'm not sure how to do that. Node servers are present under the tab in Eisy also but dont appear to do anything. Hoping that someone can point me in the right direction. ** If I add a new Plugin, it works correctly in the Admin Console, its just these legacy plugins I need to clear off the dashboard.
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