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Community Answers

  1. Please replace polisy.local with it's ip address. With kind regards, Michel
  2. For Polisy only, Please upgrade to PG3X: https://wiki.universal-devices.com/Polisy:User_Guide#Upgrading_to_PG3x With kind regards, Michel
  3. The backend yes. There also needs to be a fix in the plugin itself. With kind regards, Michel
  4. @TJF1960, I changed the option to Free/perpetual. With kind regards, Michel
  5. @SMorgan, are you on 5.8.3? With kind regards, Michel
  6. Hi All, got WiFi commissioning working. Apologies for the delay, it's just been a huge pain with fluid specs that changed again just last month. I hate saying "we are very close" since it seems that with Matter, we keep chasing after a different goal post. With kind regards, Michel
  7. @Whitehambone, Fixed. Please upgrade to 1.0.3. With kind regards, Michel
  8. @Whitehambone, most probably because something else is changing it to bluetooth. In short, the output does not change automatically. Can you please check the logs? With kind regards, Michel
  9. @Whitehambone, Unfortunately, there's no local playlist. You upload zip files containing your files, and they will end up in the path as defined in the configuration. We can definitely consider adding local playlists. This said, does anyone actually download large audio files rather than playing through spotify, youtube, etc.? With kind regards, Michel
  10. @Techman, Did you make sure that they end with _t for the filename? With kind regards, Michel
  11. Based on the log you sent, 2024-03-29 18:36:08,218 Command udi_interface ERROR audio-player:processCommand: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'tmp_sounds/iox48.Freeze_t.mp3' I will have to take a look. I think it's not considering the case where two instances share the same path. With kind regards, Michel
  12. @PHope, I used the actual VLC program (with UI) on eisy and it does the same exact thing. http://live is not secure, so it will not be opened. cbcradiolive is reporting 30 second length. It might be FreeBSD specific issue but I doubt it. With kind regards, Michel
  13. Ah, two instances have their own directories! So, you will have to upload all the same files or make them both point to the same directory (as long as they have the same permissions). With kind regards, Michel
  14. @garybixler, did you upgrade everything and reboot? With kind regards, Michel
  15. Please reboot after this upgrade. With kind regards, Michel
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