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  1. After installing (and re-installing) the plugin's Pro version, Current Status continues to display "Disconnected". My eisy is updated to 5.8.0 (PG3x Version 3.2.20). I have rebooted from the Admin Console, and the multi-function button with no affect. Have I missed something? Thanks all!
  2. I am having the same difficulty. After upgrading 3.2.1 to 3.2.3 (complying with instructions to re-install and restart all NS), all of my previously functional NSs are reported disconnected. I have gone through the entire upgrade process 3 times (with soft reboot, hard reboot, and power down / remove power / reboot). What am I missing?
  3. As usual, I was impatient. I mustn't have given the system enough time to react. HueEmulator NS has shown up in both the ISY local admin console, and Polyglot 3 cloud dashboard. Thanks!
  4. Jimbo, do I understand correctly that with the HueEmulator node server a physical Hue bridge is not necessary? I just purchased the NS, installed it, and synced purchase, but it does not appear on the Polyglot 3 dashboard, or the ISY Admin console. What have I done wrong? Thanks!
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