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Where to go from ISY99i


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I am a long time and happy owner of the ISY99i IR PRO. Since I cannot expect future updates on this device, I am willing to invest in the right product to take its place. The website describes the ISY994i as a residential product and the ISY994i Z as commercial. There are variations within (i.e. IR, PRO).


I currently have about 40 insteon devices and use the climate, network and elk modules. While I have IR capabilities, I have never used that feature.


Are there future plans to use the Zigbee capabilities of the ISY994i Z beyond the current energy monitors?


Which device would you suggest?

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I think part of the decision is what locks, thermostats etc are you thinking of using coming up? Zigbee is still pretty new, and a lot of products are yet on the production designers desk. There was a thread that mentioned a Yale lock that would support Zigbee in the fall, but currently there is not a lot of support in Zigbee.


If you went Zwave, you could pick up a greeneye monitor and go the IP route, UDI mentioned they were planning on support for the greeneye.



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One of the nice things about the ISY is it is field upgradable. IR, Pro and the two Radio options can be added later. I think it is better to start with the Pro to avoid running into any of the limits of the non-Pro version. Not much more expensive considering the investment in Insteon. The IR and either Radio option (ZigBee or ZWave) can be added later.

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