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Basic timer, not working


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Hello again,


I have a program that isn't working as expected. I have an 8 button keypad in my bathroom; button A is connected to the keypad's relay, which turns my bathroom fan on & off. Button C (right under A), I want to use as a timer to turn A off. So here's the program:


  Control 'Bathroom KP : C' is switched On
  Set 'Bathroom KP : A' On
  Wait 15 minutes
  Set 'Bathroom KP : A' Off
  Set 'Bathroom KP : C' Off
 - No Actions -


Simple enough. The timer works, turns the fan on and shuts it off after 15 minutes, but button C doesn't turn back off when it's done. Any thoughts? I tried reversing the order of the last two items, setting C off first; A still turns off and C doesn't.


I tried the same program on a different keypad that's controlling another bathroom fan and had the same results, so I don't think there's a problem with the keypad itself.


Thank you for your help!

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