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I/O Linc migration to EZIO2X4 - How to wire ?


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I know this question is more suited for SimpleHomeNet.com, but I’ve submitted for my forum ID and emailed the vendor directly with no luck getting an activated forum account or response from support directly. I know this forum is full of DYI home automation people so I’m seeing if anyone has more knowledge about wiring I/O.


I successfully have my alarm panel (Vista 20P) with relay module sending a signal when disarmed to an I/O Linc (GND AND Sense (input)). The isy-99i then tells the relay 5V / COM to send an on then off to a connected Piezo, which produces a quick buzz when the alarm is disarmed. Found a forum online call “buzzlinc†which made this work great (Piezo connected to 5V and COM and a Jumper between GND and N/O). I need to migrate this wiring setup to an EZIO2X4 (SimpleHomeNet) as I need another input for a different project. The wiring terminals are completely different, and my lack of knowledge is preventing me from understanding where to put what wires to accomplish the above wiring using the old I/O Linc (attached diagram of current setup)


Can anyone give some feedback? Thanks so much in advance!


Recap - Covert this I/O Linc setup to a EZIO2X4

Alarm Panel Relay Module - Relay 1 (Set to close on Alarm Disarm) is connected to Ground and Sense on I/O Linc

Piezo Setup

Jumper across Ground and Normally Open

Peizo connected to 5V and Common


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The following is necessary to keep I3 and I4 from cycling because they are floating

Connect I3 and I4 to EZIO2X4 GND


EZIO2X4 Input1

Connect I1+ to EZIO2X4 +5V

Connect I1- to one of the alarm panel relay contacts (where I/O Linc Sense and GND are connected)

Connect EZIO2X4 GND - to other alarm panel relay contacts


EZIO2X4 Relay1

Connect EZIO2X4 +5v to piezo

Connect EZIO2X4 GND to R1_A

Connect EZIO2X4 R1_B to piezo

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