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Does the progress bar mean anything?


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Guys, honestly, does the progress bar in the ISY admin interface mean anything real, or is it just something to display to make us think the ISY is working. I have never thought the progress bar means anything. Query System is an excellent example: the progress bar counts from 1% to 100% with an occasional display of event data beneath, usually an RR, CLIHUM, or a wind speed or light rate reading. If the progress bar reaches 100%, it goes away and then comes back and starts counting from 1% again. Depending on the function, there may be three, four, or more progress bars. Once the system is finished with the Query System or other task, the progress bar goes away, even if it was at 41%! Seriously, why not just display an hour glass or wait icon with a mouse cursor? Why display a progress bar that evidently means nothing?

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It does mean something: it's our best estimate of how long an operation should take based on a few factors including the time it takes to complete a command, the number of commands, and some adjustment for cases where they are communication issues. If you do have a lot of communication problems, then obviously the progress bar is going to keep restarting.


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