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Admin console - System Busy


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Lately, every time I open my admin console, I get a dialog box with the title, "System Busy", with the text, "Please do not power off/unplug the system or make adjustments to linked/attached devices". It will take about 3 minutes to go to 100%, then it starts over again. Sometimes it shows data below the "Please..." line, but often times this line is blank. I let it go on like this recently, it cycled for over 3 hours before I shut the interface down.


Currently using v3.3.10 on an ISY99i. Any idea why this is happening? Makes the admin console tough to use as this comes up constantly.





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Hi Bill,


Please open the Event Viewer, change the Level to 3, and let me know if you have any traffic.


Also, you might want to go to Program Summary tab and see which programs are running and stop them one a time and see if the traffic stops in the Event Viewer. At the moment I suspect you have a program that's in a tight loop.


With kind regards,


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Did this late in the evening when utilization of my system would be low.


Ran the event view for one cycle of the "System Busy"; no messages were displayed.


Looked at the Program Summary tab and there were no programs running at the time.


Also to note, I normally use a Mac to look at this. Just to test, I loaded the admin console on a Windows 7 machine. It does the same thing. I've let it go now for 5 cycles with no change.





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Was there ever a resolution for this? I'm running the same firmware, having the exact same problem. I can't change a thing on my ISY, and I kind of need to. All the programs seem to be running fine...lights that are set to change brightness throughout the day are, etc....


Please let me know. I'd like to actually be able to log in to my unit.


- DT

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I am having the same problem too, I have the latest firmware, when i try to add a device the progress bar loops over and over.

If i go check in "diagnostics" - "event viewer" - "Device communication Event" nothing ever appear there.

If i add a scene, it does not appear, i have to get out of the admin console and log back in to see it.

Programs are running fine though. Another strange thing that wasn't doing before. When i log in the admin console and browsing in my devices or programs, about 15 sec to 25 sec later it ask me for the admin console login and password again.


Any thoughts? or i have to open a ticket?


Thanks for the help!

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Hello again!


Was there any resolution to this? Shortly after creating my original post, I upgraded to an ISY994 and the problem went away for me. Well, it's been a year with the new unit and it's happening again. I've deleted my Java cache, looked at events and programs; nothing out of the ordinary there.





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