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Problem Receiving Email & Text Notifications


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I just purchased an ISY-994i/IR Pro that I'm in the process of setting up. When I tried to set up the email & text notification, I ran into the following problem. I can receive test emails in my gmail account and my work email account, but I don't receive them in my msn account (@msn.com). I don't get any error messages and it doesn't show up in my junk folder, it just disappears. Unfortunately, my msn account is my main email account. Can you help me with this?

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Hi Baja,


Thank you. You have major network issues especially DNS. My recommendations:

1. Clear your Error Log

2. Reboot your router and let the unit run for a couple of more days

3. Please post back the Error Log


If your ISY is connected through a switch, please try connecting directly to your router.


With kind regards,


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