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Rx light stuck on


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Got my ISY-994i a week ago, set it up, unplugged it, plugged everything plugged everything back in in the basement, now the ISY's RX light is stuck on. It did have an initial issue with communicating with the PLM at first setup, but I did a reset on the ISY and that seemed to fix it. Now the issue is back, please tell me there is an easy fix for this. I'm about ready to throw in the towel and return it :evil: the whole integration with Insteon seems to be half-baked the more I read these forums.

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Sorry you are having problems.


The RX light on steady is an indication the ISY is not able to communicate with the PLM. Things to check, insure the PLM is not plugged into the Ethernet connection, insure the cable between the ISY Port A and the PLM is firmly seated (plugs click when inserted). How long is the cable run between the ISY and the PLM? Is the LED on the side of the PLM On?

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sorry, forgot to say, I'm a sys admin for a company I manage about 100 desktop and 20 servers.

No the PLM is not plugged into the network port.

Yes the green light is on, on the PLM.

The cable connecting the 2 devices is the one that came in the box and is about 1ft long.

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Since the PLM is a Smartlabs-Smarthome product.

We may not have an answer to why they seem to be failing recently. As I have seen others with early PLM failures.

If the past experiences are the present path they are taking. There will be no statements from them on the problems.

They will just keep warranty exchanges going.

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