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ISY-99i Windows Voice


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This is my first post so I am not sure if it belongs here or not. Please move as necessary.


I run a host computer 24/7 with cameras and weather software. I installed Event Ghost on the host computer. I then installed two Event Ghost plugins, the ISY-99i plugin and the "Speech with Audio Output" plugin.


First I linked the Event Ghost plugin to the ISY-99i. (I have the network plugin on the ISY-99i)


Then on the right side in the "Speech" plugin, I typed whatever I wanted the computer to speak and from the left I dragged the corresponding ISY-99i event to trigger the speech.


It works very well and is simple.

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First Download and Install Windows Speech SDK51MSM.exe (131.5)


http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download ... x?id=10121



Download and install EventGhost.





Download ISYevent.zip. Unzip and put into the EventGhost plugins folder.





There is an existing EventGhost plugin that comes preinstalled called Speech with Audio Output.


Following the EventGhost instructions, I cleared out all of the plugins on the right side of the screen and installed only the Speech and Isy-99i Plugins. I then linked the isy-99I plugin to the ISY-99i. The Event Ghost should start logging any ISY Event on the left side as it happens. For instance, "Insteon, Heartbeat" is the polling of the ISY-99i. If that is working you are more than halfway there.



On the right hand side the configuration tree should say >Autostart > Plugin: ISY-99i > Plugin: Speech with Audio Output


On the right side, I added a folder called "Speech" to the "Speech with Audio Output Plugin". Then add a macro to "Speech with Audio" and type in the box whatever I want it to say. From the events logged on the left hand side, I drag and drop the ISY command onto the created macro.


An example macro for my Garage Motion Sensor is as follows:



I hope that this helps. It sounds more complicated than it is.



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Hey guys - can you elaborate a bit on the configuration of the ISY plugin within Event Ghost? Is it reasonable to think one would use the port address already set up for regular HTTP protocol to the ISY? If not, what protocol is being used to talk to ISY via Event Ghost?

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Gene --


Thanks for the tutorial on this. I have a question that hopefully you can answer. In your post, you say to install the SDK51MSM file but that doesn't include the actual SDK, but only "MSM" files inside language folders like "1033". Where do these go? I did install the regular SDK but there's no obvious place for them.


On an unrelated note, how are you handling distributing the audio through your installation? I don't have whole-house wired audio but I do have a Sonos system. Other than that, I'd have to come up with some sort of wireless method to have the audio available on three floors (basement, main floor and 2nd floor). Any other ideas would be appreciated.


Great work! Thanks for this.

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Regarding the whole-house wireless audio for alarms and notifications (rather than music), there was another thread (http://forum.universal-devices.com/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=8142&hilit=whole+house+audio) which discusses it a bit, but the item referenced is no longer available. I posted a possible solution in that thread by using a similar product from Channel Vision. If anyone else has better/more robust solutions, I'd like to hear.



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