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Keypad controlling outlet


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I built a scene where I want a button on an eight button keybadlinc to control an outlet linc. The outletlinc only has on off. The keybadlinc can do dim on off brighten. I thought with this combination the keypadlinc would always send on off to properly control the outletlinc, or the outletlinc would respond to any brightness level other than zero as an on command. It does not seem to work this way. Is my assumption wrong?

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Please provide detail as to what is not working as expected.


KPL button On/Off does or does not turn OutletLinc On/Off, dim/bright does not affect OutletLinc, etc.


I would expect KPL button On/Off to correctly control OutletLinc Relay On/Off.

Not sure about dim/bright. Will have to test that. Not all devices react to dim/bright.

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A touch of the keypad button seems to work properly. It is when, by accident, the touch is too long so the keypad acts as a brighten or dim button. I can see on the admin console that the keypad button is at lets say 20% but the outlet has not turned on.


I agree it is probably an Insteon issue but you guys seem more helpful and around more often.

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I'll have to put an OutletLinc Relay on the test bed to verify but I suspect the OutletLinc Relay does not respond to dim/bright. I thought some Relay devices responded to bright by turning On but dim is problematic. Should any dim (not fully off) turn the Relay Off. I'll post back later tonight after testing an OutletLinc Relay.

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