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Can't Load Admin Console on ISY-99i


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I've used my 99i in the past (several years ago now) for some basic functions. It has been shelved for a while now and I would like to use it again. I had to replace the SD card (following the instructions in the wiki) and now I can telnet into it, but I cannot bring up the Admin Console. When I type in isy.ip.address/admin I am prompted for the username and password and then the java gives me an error (classnotfoundexception). It is running firmware 2.6.5.

Any suggestions on how to get the console up and going so I can update to the latest firmware?







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Hi Josh,


2.6.5 is so old that the only way to get it back to life is through a remote session. Please submit a ticket with your request and provide a few available time slots between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM Pacific Time. You do need a Windows computer.


With kind regards,



Thanks for the reply, Michel. I can bring the 99i to my office, what kind of software do I need for the remote session? I'll be using XP.





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