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Recent 2466SW don't seem to recognized by isy99i


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I'm having all sorts of trouble adding a new 2466SW to my isy99i network. I noticed both troublesome switches have version 5.8 whereas all previous switches were version 5.3.


Do I need to upgrade to version isy994 to enable 2466sw version 5.8

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Explain what type of trouble? Difficult to know what "I'm having all sorts of trouble" means. An event trace at LEVEL 3 using New INSTEON Device should be useful. Could be as simple as the install location has poor/no communication with the PLM. Or the ISY firmware is backlevel and does not support I2CS neither of which requires moving to a 994i. Although it is inevitable that a 994i will be required if any new devices are being installed.


What ISY firmware level is being used, both Firmware and UI?

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Get the ISY Firmware and the UI to 3.3.10. Not sure if you indicating the ISY is at 3.2.6 or at 3.3.10. If the ISY Firmware is 3.2.6 update the ISY firmware to 3.3.10. If the ISY Firmware is 3.3.10 and the UI is 3.2.6 then clear the Java cache and update the URL invoking the Admin Console (UI).


After cleaning up the running environment such that both Firmware and UI indicate 3.3.10 if there are still problems then run event viewer at LEVEL 3, use New INSTEON Device to add the ToggleLinc. Post the event trace.

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Goddamn power bar.


Something you said about communication problems rang a bell with me because I indeed was getting ISY warnings about "loose connections". This has been a periodic problem in this house circuit for many years, so I decided to chase it down. I tore apart the light switch boxes in this circuit where the Insteon modules "loose connection" message was showing, several times with no avail. For a time the "loose connections" went away, but then came back. After spending a frustrating day on this I slept on it, and woke up this morning thinking about "what about the power bar" I have plugged into this circuit. All modules downstream of where this powerbar was plugged in where reporting communication problems. Eureka !!!! Problem solved.


What a pain this was !!!!! Lesson learned, very painfully.

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Many power bars have added noise filters in them. They would filter out the Insteon power line signals as noise.

Not all of them do this. A simple power bar with no filter or just some MOVs for spike removal would probably be fine.


UPS and computer equipment can also make noise or have their AC input filters effect Insteon power line signals.

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