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Why would I get a notification if the Then should not run?


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       Time is  3:00:00PM
   And $iEvery.Other.Day.Counter is 0

       Set 'EzFlora - 6 Greenhouse' On
       Wait  15 minutes 
       Set 'EzFlora - 6 Greenhouse' Off
       Send Notification to 'Alan_Only.email' content 'Irrigation Cycle'

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Greenhouse should be Valve 5, run for 15 minutes every other day


I get a notification every day instead of every other day. There is no reason the Then should run every day. I get the Notification at 3:00 if it does not run, and 3:15 if it does.



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It sounds like ievery.other.day.counter is working correctly since it sounds like it is only irrigating every other day. You might just check to be certain that indeed the variable is alternating 0/1 at midnight every day.


Check your program summary page for any programs that run or are running at 3:00 and 3:15. This should narrow done the potential culprit.

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