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2487s seperate the ON/OFF from wired load


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I have a 2487s at a exit door location where we are using the Red/Load wire to control outdoor switch leg to pier lights about 50 ft from the door. As expected the on off of that switch contols that wired load (pier lights). What I would like to do is not control that load via the ON/OFF of that 2487s there but rather use the A or B or whatever else button we choose and would like the ON/OFF to act as a 3 way for the soffit lights as that makes more sence as being the local load (soffit lights are outside that door) . The soffit lights are controled via another 2487s at the location where the soffit light switch leg is. I know how to to a 3way and make the A and B work but what I do not know how to do is seperate the on/off from the wired load to act independant of the wired load.



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The solution is to install an InLineLinc out on the post light and link one of the Secondary buttons to control the InLineLinc. As Brian has already indicated the ON/OFF function and the Red wire relationship cannot be changed. The Red wire would be moved to the soffit light circuit so the ON/OFF buttons control that load or cap the Red wire and link ON/OFF and the other switch in a 3-way cross-link.

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Understanding that I can not seperate the load from the on/off could disconnect the load from that switch and use a 2443-222 Micro on/off without a regular sw attached and just program it in a scene. It is not just one post light but 4 at opposit ends of the pool so it goes 50 to the right and 150 to the left.


Also can I control CFL type load with the 2443-222 (non dimming) micro switch?

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Is the cable at the KeypadLinc direct burial cable?


If not the wire at the KeypadLinc might connect with exterior cable at a junction box inside the house. That could provide a common point for an InLineLinc.


Difficult to know about any given CFL. Some work fine with no noise/interference. Others produce enough interference to prevent the Insteon device from receiving an Off command. If they are currently working with the KPL they would likely work with a micro module.

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