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opps, put a program in a loop, best practice to flash lights


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While doing some housework last night, the lights turned off on everyone because every light in the house was on already so no one had hit a switch for over an hour, which tells the ISY the house is not occupied (motion sensors from smarthome for insteon are not reliable or pet immune).


Therefore the WAF went down a notch and the boy started complaining about the stupid lights going off all the time.


So I thought I would whip up a little "warning" flash of a central light that one could notice and know that you need to tap a light switch if you want to stay in the light vs the dark.


This doesn't work so good:


       Status  'Media_Popcorn' is not Off

       Set Scene 'Media_popcorn_sc' Fast Off

       Set Scene 'Media_popcorn_sc' Fast On

Invert the light, if it is on turn it off, it is off turn it on.
Used for notifying some lights are about to turn off due to


It does a lovely job of flashing the lights forever and tying up the insteon bus.


I thought have disabling the program right after the scene change and then re-enabling it in my timer program, but that seems a kludge. I imagine one of you has a dandy little idea to solve my dilemma.


If I run this an even number of times, the lights go back to the state they were in, since we have no variables to save that stuff in directly, it becomes another whole set of programs.




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This is what I use to warn my kids that their bedroom light is about to turn off. Their bedroom lights shut off after 30 minutes if left alone. During the last minute, the switch beeps to warn them once per second. If they take any action on the light switch it aborts and starts over again.


       Control 'Lauren Bedroom / Lauren BR-Overhead L' is switched On
    Or Control 'Lauren Bedroom / Lauren BR-Overhead L' is switched Fast On
    Or Control 'Lauren Bedroom / Lauren BR-Overhead L' is switched Fade Up
    Or Status  'Lauren Bedroom / Lauren BR-Overhead L' is not Off

       Wait  29 minutes 
       Repeat 60 times
          Set 'Lauren Bedroom / Lauren BR-Overhead L' 130 (Beep Duration)
          Wait  1 second
       Repeat 1 times
          Set 'Lauren Bedroom / Lauren BR-Overhead L' Off

  - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')

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