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ISY-26 Keypadlinc Question


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I'm using an ISY26 and would like to do the following:


I'd like to set-up a button on my keypadlinc that when pressed will turn on all of the kitchen lights, a total of 5 devices, and will turn them off when pressed. I know I can accomplish this with a scene, but.


I also would like this button to respond in the following way - if the local switches in the kitchen are ALL turned on - the keypadlic button will light, but only if ALL of the lights were turned on. If the light is on on the keypadlinc and a local switch in the kitchen is turned off, the keypadlinc button light will turn off.


I've tried a few methods of programs and scenes, but I know I must be missing something.


Any help will be great.

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With the caveat that I have no idea what capability exists with the ISY firmware that runs on an ISY26 and for certain the ISY26 will not support the newest Dual Band KeypadLincs


If Status 'device1' is On

And Status 'device2' is On

And Status 'device3' is On


Set Scene 'kplbutton' On


Set Scene 'kplbutton' Off


Scene 'kplbutton' contains the KeypadLinc button as a Responder


Assuming the KeypadLinc button is a Secondary button a Scene is required to turn the KPL button LED On and Off.

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