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Looking for programming ideas


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Looking for help with writing a program in my isy994i that will identify the state, when and if a program was executed. In a nutshell, I have two applications that I controll via my isy... XBMC and Windows MCE. Using network resources I have successfully created a program that will launch and close both applications.


The problem that I am running into is that I'm not able to identify the state of these programs. Nonetheless, After doing some reading through the wiki and some threads I don't fully understand how to use the variable options that are available. My ultimate goal is to prevent both XBMC and MCE from running at the same time.


Here is what I have tried so far that doesn't seem to work.


Network Resources that were created include:


* Open XBMC

XBMC variable state = 1

* Close XBMC

XBMC variable state = 0

* Open MCE

MCE variable state = 1

* Close MCE

MCE variable state = 0


Program created


*Open XBMC



MCE = 0

and XBMC = 0



Resouce XBMC (Open XBMC)


When I run the if statement all it does is open and closes both applications repeatedly and it won't stop until I reset the HTPC.


Any help with resolving this looping issue would be appreciated.

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I think we need to see more of your programs. Specifically, I would like to see the programs that call the resources and set the values of the state variables.



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Then how are you setting the values for the variables XBMC and MCE ? With only that one program, I see no way for a loop to happen here. What does the Network Resource look like?


I would think you would have a program that says:


Program: Turn On XBMC:


If MCE = 0
  and XBMC =  0

  Resource TurnOnXBMC
  XBMC = 1


and a program like:


Program: Turn Off XBMC:

If XBMC = 1

  Resource TurnOIffXBMC
  XBMC = 0




Program: Turn On MCE

If MCE=0
  and XBMC = 0

  Resource TurnOnMCE
  MCE = 1


and finally:


Program: Turn Off MCE

If MCE = 1

  Resource TurnOffMCE
  MCE = 0


In the above examples, all variables are Integer - Not State variables.



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Ok, I think I understand now. My apology for not being clear. I am working from a different computer and off of my memory at the moment and I do not have remote access to my isy to see the program that I created.


That said, I will post a reply this evening when I get access to my isy.

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