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Contact Closure Input to ISY When There is No Power


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I have an application where I need to provide a "Contact Closure" or low voltage Input to the ISY-99 when there is no power in the house or the power is unstable. This assumes, naturally, that the ISY-99 is connected to an UPS.


Given the above, the I/O Linc is NOT an option.


The "TriggerLinc INSTEON Wireless Open/Close Sensor" is not an option either because the (Dual Band) Insteon PowerLinc Modem would not have power.


Connecting the Insteon PowerLinc Modem to a UPS doesnt work either because Insteon signals do NOT travel well THRU the UPS and the whole Insteon network becomes unreliable.


I can think of the following options:


1) Send Infrared signals to the ISY-99. I have no idea of how to do that, based on a contact closure or low voltage input.


2) Use an Arduino to send a REST command via Ethernet to the ISY to change a variable.


3) Use a CAI WebControl to send a REST command via Ethernet to the ISY to change a variable.


Does anybody have a view or suggestion?


Many thanks!

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After a brief power outage in Mexico the other day I've been looking to do the same thing. I'm leaning towards the web control board or a relay driving a pin on a raspberry pi (I use raspberry pi's already for Philips Hue, Sonos, and bluetooth phone detection tied to the ISY). Please post what you come up with (I'll do the same if I solve it), I'm sure we aren't the only ones who want this.

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