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Program to turn on the lights when garage door opens and


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it's dark?


So if the garage door opens and the house is unoccupied and two lamps are off, which pretty much means it's dark I want the living room group to turn on.


I think I have this correct, now to watch the unoccupied variable better..

       Status  'Garage_Door_IO-Sensor' is On
   And (
            Status  'Door_lamp' is Off
         Or Status  'Mantle_lamp' is Off
   And $OCC_upstairs_svr is 0

       Set Scene 'Living Room Lights' On
       $OCC_upstairs_svr  = 1

  - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')

If garage door opens and house is in un-occupied mode and dark
turn on the living room light

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You may want to consider "control" rather than "status" for your garage door sensor condition. As written, if $OCC is 0 and the garage door is open, any time you turn off one of those two lamps, your program will execute TRUE.


I am unsure, of course, what drives your $OCC variable to go to zero, so this may not be a practical concern. Still, I think "control" is a better choice here.

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I actually added a second action based on time of day. If it's past 9pm and the door is "left open" then the kitchen and hallway lights alternate 100% on and off, just loop the program, until the door is shut. I'm not using scenes but just switches.


I do the same type of security or emergency option for my backdoor, if it opens past 12pm then lights go on bright. Panic button option on remote linc2 does the same thing. If pushed after 11pm then the entire house lights up for emergencies.

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