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Insteon Control Linc to ISY-994i


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Hello ISY users, I have been doing basic automated lighting for years, actually started way back using X10 and had the entire house geeked out w/ the lights, and other devices being controlled.


Anyway the Insteon Control Linc worked as a basic controller, but when I wanted to do more advanced things, it just wasn't possible.


I recently purchased an ELK M1 GOld security panel due to the automation features of it, and bought also the ISY-994i and after getting it powered on and on my network, it took me about 10 minutes and I had various scenes working, about 30 minutes of work, and I got every Insteon device into the scenes, including the 6 button keypads, and fan-lincs, and they all work just fine!


I am very happy with my purchase, and next step is to integrate this into the ELK,

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Hi v101-


Welcome to the forum and the world of ISY! Thanks for the intro. It sounds very much like my first experience with the ISY 5 years ago.



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