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Current transducer to monitor secondary pump.


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I was trying to come up with a way to monitor my sump pump secondary backup pump. I was thinking of installing something like this http://www.robotshop.com/en/10a-ac-current-sensor.html but am at a road block on how to integrate it. Maybe a I/O linc?


I was also thinking of finding a DC one to monitor if the battery backup was running(in case of blown circuit). The syncrolinc won't work, as the plug that runs sump pump will have draw on it ,as it runs all the time.

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The sensor you linked to outputs a 0-5 volt analog signal. You would have to use an interface that could use a 0-5 volt DC signal and convert it to what you need. The I/OLinc can not process a 0-5 volt DC signal.


You may want to look at this How To Monitor Appliances thread and see if it may have some suggestions.

The CT800 Current Sensor provides a dry closure when current is detected. That closure should be able to trigger the Sensor Input on an I/OLinc.

http://cocoontech.com/forums/topic/1142 ... erfurnace/

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Some UPS's have dry contact alarm terminals that you could use to drive an IOLinc or Open/Close sensor (if you want battery powered). If yours does not, you could just drive a pair of 110V relays - one coil powered with the ups output and the other with the line then wire in series through the NO contacts on the UPS powered relay and the NC contacts on the line powered relay. A completed circuit indicates UPS power with no line power. Additionally, you could use the NC terminals on the UPS powered relay to indicate complete power fail.



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