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isy99i, plm and new craplincs


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like a bad rash...

like that recurring 'roid flareup...

holy craplinc...

sloop iz backlink!


oy - i have a super special plm that none of you fooz have - michel set me up LONG ago with it - and i think he said not to update my isy99i because there would be a compatibility problem - which is all good by me because i don't think all that power usage and stuff is something i would need - i mean - i don't care to know how much power that dishwasher is using at this second because it will not change the fact that i am going to run that dishwasher anyway and knowing NOW how much power it used will not change the fact that i have to pay that power bill


but i digress


the new craplincs - don't seem to like something about me (imagine that - a fanboi like me) - or they do not like my firmware version or plm version


isy 99i/ir pro (1050) - open auto dr (21010)

V2.7.15 (april 20, 2010)


so - do i need to update my isy firmware so the new dual band craplincs will play nicely with my isy? is there a less than current version that i can use to update that will work with my plm and work with the new craplincs? do i need to buy a new plm? if so, which one?


they link to the isy - but the programming does not work


(i thought this magic insteon protocol was supposed to be backward compatible)

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sloop, Long time since I saw you posting.

I still find your description of early Insteon Devices that had issues as "craplincs" unique.


Smartlabs/Smarthome added a new Insteon Protocol called I2CS {I2 with Check Sum} starting in March 2012.

Old I1 commands where eliminated and requiring the controllers ID in its link database or it just NAKed back and didn't respond. X10 was also dropped in some modules.

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i did throw in the towel long ago - ripped all those craplincs out and replaced it with a 'competing' (meaning reputable and working) brand - sold that house and building another


here is where i screwed up - an elderly friend of the family was having to contort to turn on the lamp beside her chair - and like a foo, i said i could fix that - then added her night lighting - then added - and added - all from my craplinc memorial trash heap


i bought a dozen new craplincs to finish off her house, but now find they do not work with what i have - i was wondering if there is any way to salvage what i have without rebuilding my craplinc memorial trash heap by starting over in her house


are the protocols not backward compatible? or is it my isy or plm that cannot identify the device as a dimmer and program it in the original insteon protocol?

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Devices started shipping from March 2012 have been I2CS. It took months for the entire line of devices to receive I2CS firmware. The old Peek/Poke commands (read/write 1 byte at a time) have been removed from devices completely. Set button linking between devices continue to work so using old devices with new devices work. Within whatever limitations exist for Set button configuration, exist today.


Applications such as HouseLinc (now free), Indigo, ISY, etc have moved to Extended commands (8 byte read/write) for device configuration and link management.

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LeeG covered it nicely. The I2CS firmware devices did eliminate some of the I1 and I2 commands or handle them differently.


The ISY99i you have can't use firmware above 3.3.10 due to space limitations. So new modules are not supported properly. If you don't have 3.3.10 you may want to install it. Not sure how old your PLM is?

UDI does have an upgrade offer on their sales page. To upgrade to an ISY994I from a ISY99i.


An ISY994i can use the latest firmware that does support the latest modules and the original ones also.

My hardware 1.3 Appliancelincs are still supported as is my hardware 4.A Appliancelincs.

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"ounds like the new devices are not backward compatible with the old - at least in the protocol - is that what i am hearing?"


Not sure what is meant by "at least in the protocol". Old and new devices work fine with each other at the Set button linking perspective. Applications must be different as commands that were once there have been removed with I2CS.

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"Old and new devices work fine with each other at the Set button linking perspective."


is that the way it was marketed?


because the thousands i spent on the first devices were said to support the protocol suite that has FINALLY been implemented.

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I don't think you care what it is says! The topic is "craplincs" and it does not matter what they said. I tried to provide the technical data and all you want to hear "IS THAT WHAT THEY SAID". I sure hope you do not turn this web site into the same crap as you did on Smarthome.


Good Luck!

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thank you ober - i'll consider buying a new isy and plm - or maybe an additional controller of some type


actually, lee - i CARED what it said long ago - before i invested thousands - and was told half truths and outright lies by the manufacturer - it seems YOU did NOT care - about the half truths, lies and faulty devices - strange how YOU say I am the problem, even though i have backed up my claims


not sure why you are telling me the topic of the thread I started - or why you want to encourage a troll like ME with your little slams - yes, i was FINANCIALLY invested in a faulty product made by shady people - and i sounded off LOUD AND CLEAR - with just cause - while YOU fanboiz that are EMOTIONALLY invested in a PRODUCT made excuses for the indefensible


i care about product claims - i rely on those claims when deciding if i want to buy the product - i was NOT the only person to believe the claim that the published protocol was supported by the devices labeled with the name of the protocol - it seems i did not learn my lesson because i ASSUMED devices manufactured with an enhanced instruction set in the protocol would be backward compatible - like REPUTABLE companies do

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