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KPL to control scenes and groups of lights


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Not sure if I am putting this question in the correct forum area... but here goes.


I have a rather large rec room with about thirty 50w pot light controlled by 6 SWL dimmers, each dimmer powering about 5 lights. These SWL's are hidden in the utility room out of sight.


There is one 8 button KPL as a controller doing the scenes and a second KPL with each button controlling a single SWL.


I have the scenes working fine with the Scene KPL being a controller and the second KPL being a responder. Each scene button controls the each SWL to a certain lighting level with the second KPL having its buttons set to ON or OFF depending on whether its light group is ON or OFF.


Then I have the second KPL with each button as a controller under under its own scene with its SWL. That way I can turn individual light groups ON & OFF and this works too.


But when I press for instance the "watching TV" scene, the ping-pong table lights are OFF, but the second KLP "G" (Ping-pong table lights) button will come ON, even though in the Scene setup, that button is OFF. Looking in the Admin Console, it shows that button as OFF but it is definitely ON! Basically turning any Scene ON will turn on all the buttons on the second KPL whether that buttons lights are ON or not.


Can anybody give me some direction here?



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A device behaves as a controller only when activated directly. Wehn that same device (for example, a keypad button from the second keypad) is activated as a result of being a respoder (from the scenes keypad) it does not act as a controller.


The solution is to include the ping pong table lights as a reponder to your scene button.

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oberkc, the ping-pong SWL is part of the scene


To continue with the ping pong table example...


Just to be clear, you need an ISY scene that includes the "scene" KPL button as controller and any of the "second" KPL buttons that are part of the scene as responder AND any of the ping pong table light switches as responder. This is in addition to the scenes you created where the second KPL buttons are controller and the switches are responders.


If, in fact, this is what you have, from the listing of devices and scenes, click on the first KPL button that is under the scene (as controller) and make sure all of the responder ON levels are something other than zero.

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