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Strange admin console behavior


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Hi folks,


I wish my first post here wasn't to ask help with a problem, but...


I've recently run into a problem with the admin console on my ISY994i. I've had it running since September and have been incrementally adding Insteon devices. I now have 21 devices, 11 scenes and 10 programs.


I first noticed an issue last week when navigating to the programs tab. The Load Programs dialog suddenly began taking 5+ minutes to complete. Previously, the programs tab opened immediately.


Next, when looking at individual devices I noticed the ramp time for all had increased to 9 minutes. Scene ramp times still displayed as originally set. I attempted to reset the device ramp times, but no changes to devices or scenes will now commit. The actual devices continue to function normally, ramping up at the previously set duration regardless of whether they were in a scene or not.


Additionally, I found that I can no longer control individual devices from the console, although scenes can still be controlled normally from the console. However, when scenes are controlled the current state field does not update to reflect the change. In fact, the current state field is now null all devices and scenes.


Some steps I've taken while troubleshooting:

  • - Reset PLM
    - Restarted ISY994i
    - Reseated SD card in ISY994i
    - Factory Reset ISY994i
    - Updated Java to 1.7.45 (I had not taken a java update after last known good session, so I see no need to downgrade)
    - Upgraded firmware from 4.0.5 to 4.1.1 (downgraded back to 4.0.5 after not resolving)
    - Deleted 0.UCF
    - Deleted all files in /CONF with modified dates after 1/5/1980 (and restored after not resolving)


  • - PLM (v9B) Connected
    - System Status:
    - Active: Yes
    - Total: 1975 MB
    - Reserved: 197 MB
    - Used: 12 MB
    - Bad: 0 MB
    - Free 1765 MB


I've run out of ideas for troubleshooting. Have I missed something or is my device just faulty? I can post log files if helpful. Thanks for any help you can offer!

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There has been a change to the firewall/anti-virus. The ISY is pushing data from the ISY to the Admin Console. This data is being blocked by the AV. The long Ramp Rate is a value of zero because the data coming from the ISY does not make it to the Admin Console. Kaspersky, Avast and others will do this. Turn the AV Off temporarily and see if that resolves the issue. There is normally a way of adding the ISY IP address to the AV so data is not blocked.

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Thanks a million LeeG - that did it!


Disabling AV resolves the issue. However, when re-enabling with the ISY994i's wildcarded IP address from the scan, the error conditions return. So, either I haven't properly configured the exclusion, or it's one of the calls outside my local network that's triggering the block. I'd be very concerned if it's the latter. I'll need to pull the logs to review closely.


So, at least I'm back up and running with AV disabled. I'll report back once I've tweaked the exclusion settings.

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