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Failure when trying to restore some devices


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I just recently updated my PLM and I've been trying to restore my PLM and devices all day. I have a view devices that continually fail to restore without getting an error. I was hoping someone could take a look at the attached log and tell me if there's some obvious reason this particular keypad I'm trying to restore keeps failing. The log looks like everything is going well with most items only taking a single hop, then BAM, error.



ISY-Events-Log.v3.3.10__Wed 2013.12.18 06.05.49 PM.txt

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Hello D2HnGA,


I am so very sorry to hear. The last entries in the event log are quite troubling:

Wed 12/18/2013 06:05:12 PM : [iNST-TX-I1 ] 02 62 18 56 3D 0F 2B DF


Wed 12/18/2013 06:05:21 PM : [iNST-TX-I1 ] 02 62 18 56 3D 0F 28 0D


Wed 12/18/2013 06:05:30 PM : [iNST-TX-I1 ] 02 62 18 56 3D 0F 28 0D


It basically means that the PLM is NOT responding.


How many of your devices have already been restored? Did you follow the instructions here?

http://wiki.universal-devices.com/index ... _.28PLM.29


Do you have a good backup?


With kind regards,

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Hi Michael,


After making a backup, I did follow those directions you pointed to on the wiki. I've been able to restore almost all of the devices, but I have a couple of KPLs that are consistently giving me an error when trying to restore. I'll keep trying and see if it takes. I was hoping something in the log would give a hint on what was happening. I may just need to replace the KPLs. :cry:



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Hi Michael,


Thanks for your continuing help. By moving the ISY/PLM next to the switches I was finally able to get both switches to restore so it must be some sort of real communication issue. I don't know what type of communication issue and I don't really know what else I can do. I have dual band switches and access points sprinkled throughout my house. I have FilterLincs on my equipment and UPSs. I have a SignalLinc for the dwindling number of X10 devices.


I'll keep tweaking, but I'm sure you know that this is the most frustrating part of Insteon. With X10 you could at least get a signal detector and send out a P1 and get some feedback. With Insteon I feel like I'm working a "let's try this" or even worse, "take my money, this might work" style of debugging. :D


Oh well, enough bitching. Thanks for your help!

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